Refillable liquid handwash, without plastic waste

With our powder-to-gel formula, you mix your own handwash, avoiding waste and your hands will smell amazing!

Why ship water when you have it at home?! Exactly

Let's make soap, not waste.



    Refillable to reduce waste, no single-use plastic packaging, everything is reusable or recyclable


    95% lighter than traditional brands, because no water is transported, reducing carbon emissions


    Fragrance from essential oils, carefully selected ingredients, vegan and we only test on ourselves


    Protects and cares for your skin, it’s gentle on your hands, and gentle on the planet

mix and match!

If you want to try different fragrances, you can now buy 4 different single handwash refills for the price of a big refill box <3

That is 4 refills for £34, instead of £38, just use the code: mix4refills

We develop and manufacture all our products ourselves.

Swiss design, handmade in London.

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  • FILL

    Put the mixing pebble in the bottle, and fill with warm water up to the indicated line

  • DROP

    Drop the entire refill into the bottle (incl. the sachet), then screw the pump on tightly


    Shake like a cocktail for 1 min, then leave overnight if you can, if not you can already use it after 15 min

  • PUMP

    Voilà! It can take up to 48 hours for your soap to fully mix, don't worry if it seems a little watery initially


My new favourite hand soap. Fun product that reminds you of your time in the science lab in school!


It works great and smells great! Will totally keep using it.


I am loving my hand wash! It showed up just before one of my flare ups and it was the only soap that was fragrance free for me to use. I have been taking it with me everywhere. Thank you for an amazing product, it has been my life saver.


Brilliant scent, feels great on my skin, and always enjoyable to use.


Just wanted to let you know how much we love our handwash! We’re getting compliments from all our guests and I’m just about to head to your website to see what else I can get for our household!


Un pas de plus dans la réduction de nos déchets. Très belle innovation. En plus : on adore la texture et l’odeur.



Blackmarket is about making soap, not waste. A refillable liquid handwash without single use plastic packaging founded by Martina Schwarz in 2020


Martina used to work for big companies like Unilever and P&G, developing packaging for their beauty brands. She realised that her work was contributing to more plastic waste. So Martina decided that she could do more to reduce unnecessary packaging waste.   

In 2020, Martina created Blackmarket. We at Blackmarket are fully dedicated to reducing waste, challenging how we deliver personal care and beauty products, by selling refills in a concentrated format.

We exist to reduce packaging waste from your personal care routine, by bringing you products you love, in an eco friendly concentrated format. All you do is add water.

Blackmarket make soap handwash logo animation



An alternative system in how we buy and use products, challenging the status quo and promoting more sustainable refill solutions.


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