Unlock the Secret: Refilling Your Empty Aesop Handwash Bottle Made Easy!

by Martina Schwarz

Did You Ever Wonder How to Refill Your Empty Aesop Handwash Bottle? If you're a fan of Aesop handwash, you've likely experienced the dilemma of what to do with your empty bottle once it's finished. Rather than tossing it into the recycling bin, why not consider giving it a new lease on life by refilling? In this guide, we'll explore the eco-friendly tips to refill your empty Aesop handwash bottle.

Why Refill? Before we dive into the refill process, let's take a moment to appreciate the significance of refilling. By opting to refill your handwash bottle, you're making a conscious choice to reduce plastic waste and minimise your environmental footprint. 

Here are 3 refill options:

  1. Concentrated Plastic-Free Refills: Concentrated refills which you dilute with water at home are cutting edge when it comes to innovation. A great example for this system are Blackmarket handwash refills, which are plastic free, the formula is gentle on your skin and the refills come in great fragrances your will love. The concentrated plastic-free refills are packaged in a dissolvable material, like dishwasher tablets, so the packaging becomes part of the product acting as a thickener. This convenient option not only reduces packaging waste, but also ensures that you continue to enjoy a high-quality handwash which is gentle on your hands and smells great! Think of it as DIY handwash, you just reuse your clean Aesop bottle, add the Blackmarket refill, warm water and you are good to go.

  2. Bar of soap: For those seeking a simple and sustainable option, consider switching to a bar of soap. Opting for a high-quality, moisturising bar soap not only reduces packaging waste but also provides a luxurious handwashing experience. Look for bars made with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils to keep your hands clean and hydrated. Simply lather the soap in your hands, rinse, and enjoy the refreshing feeling of clean hands without the need for plastic bottles.

  3. Zero Waste Refill Shops: Embrace the ethos of sustainability by exploring zero waste refill shops in your local area. These shops offer a wide range of products in bulk, allowing you to refill your empty Aesop bottle with ease. By bringing your container, you not only eliminate the need for single-use packaging but also have the opportunity to support local businesses committed to reducing environmental impact. Visit your nearest zero waste refill shop and take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


Refilling your empty Aesop handwash bottle is not only a practical way to extend its lifespan but also a meaningful step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Whether you choose to refill with Blackmarket handwash refills at home, a bar of soap, or opt for eco-friendly refill shops, every refill counts towards a greener future. So next time you find yourself with an empty Aesop bottle, remember that the refill solution is right at your fingertips!